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The world famous toy store, Hamleys, has hit back at claims from feminist groups that "they forced the toy store to change their sexist toy signs."

Hamleys had initially received criticism for signalling the "boys and girls" toy departments in stereotypical blue and pink lettering from the feminist blogger, Laura Nelson.

The remark was quickly picked up national feminist campaign charities and groups with one, Object, telling the International Business Times UK thesigns were"sexist and outdated stereotypes which condition girls to be passive and domesticated, and boys to be active and aggressive."

Object's campaign manager, Anna van Heeswijk, added: "Such stereotypes are dangerous in a society in which gender inequality remains rife, and the issue of male violence is endemic. Our vision is for a world in which girls and boys are viewed and treated as equals, not limited by stereotypes."

But operations and marketing support manager, Andre Evenden, hit back telling the IBTimes UK, "the store always intended to change the signs and we are looking to refit early in the New Year." Hamleys will install "neutral" red and white labels in Januray.

But Mrs van Heeswijk refused to accept that was the case explaining: "If Hamleys independently decided to reverse their policy of promoting sexist gendered stereotypes to children then that's great. But the timing of their decision suggests that it's more likely that they bowed to pressure from feminists."

Mother of five boys, Olivia Pemberton, said: "I bought all sorts things for my children including ironing boards and play kitchens. Dolls were only thing I didn't by my sons."

"I think separating girls and boys is a bad marketing strategy, as they could be missing out on a lot of custom from either sex."

Mr Evenden, who has been worked with the company for six years, did not deny the signs had been there for the entire period of his employment.