Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have requested Buckingham Palace to organise a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, a move that has allegedly left senior aides shocked at their "sheer nerve." A royal expert has now claimed that the only reason they are so desperate to meet the British monarch is so that they can use their connection with her to maintain their own fame.

On their part, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have reportedly said that they are keen to visit the UK so that their three-month-old daughter Lilibet Diana, who has been named after the Queen, could be christened in Britain like her older brother Archie. They also want to use the opportunity to introduce the toddler to her paternal family members including her great-grandmother the Queen and grandfather Prince Charles.

A panel of experts discussed the potential visit on the Daily Mail's Palace Confidential show, but most of them expressed opinions that the Sussexes have selfish motives behind the meeting. Commentator Andrew Pierce said, "They know their only saleability in the United States is their connection to the most famous woman on the planet - the Queen, which is why they are desperate to see her. It's all about product Harry and product Meghan plc."

The royal expert went on to say that the Queen should get her officials to search Meghan and Harry to make sure that they have got no tape recorders on them.

Nonetheless, the panel believes that the meeting is going to happen either way. Diarist Richard Eden explained, "It will happen because I agree with Andrew, Harry and Meghan need it really. They do need to keep up that royal connection. They are a family. They do want a christening."

"Meghan does not speak to any members of her family apart from her mother, so it makes sense to have the christening where any family can come, and that would be Harry's family rather than hers," the royal expert added.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail's royal editor Rebecca English noted that the meeting will be "a private, family get-together" with "certainly no officials getting involved, because they know that's something that would really wind Prince Harry and Meghan up."

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II
"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members," Queen Elizabeth stressed in her statement Photo: POOL / John Stillwell