Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen a very slight uptick in the polls after falling an average of seven points below his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump is now polling at an average of 42.5 points to Clinton's 47.1 points, an increase of 1.1 points over the last two weeks, according to Real Clear Politics.

The latest numbers come several weeks after Trump's campaign was dogged by a number of scandals, including the release of footage of Trump making lewd comments about women, allegations of sexual assault, and accusations he has not paid certain taxes for 18 years.

But with several weeks having passed since the various scandals erupted, statistics from ABC News Tracking, whose latest poll shows Trump on 46 and Clinton on 49 in a two-way race, show people are beginning to forget about the negative press.

The research, conducted by Langer Research Associates now shows Republicans are more likely to participate in the election than they were at the height of the scandals.

Just one week ago, only 75% of registered GOP voters said they would be likely to vote in the 8 November election, while currently 81% said they would be likely to participate.

Recent statistics also do not take into account the re-launch of the probe into Clinton's use of a private email server in her role as Secretary of State, which could have an impact in the polls.

However, the latest swing state data also shows Clinton in leading in 9 of 11 battleground states, meaning she is still retaining an overall lead nationally.