The Hotel Posada Del Sol, which was supposed to become a distinct artistic centre of Mexico City, now lies abandoned in ruins.

The hotel was built in the first half of the 20th century by a man named Fernando Saldana Galvan. It is said that Saldana Galvan killed himself in the hotel before it could be opened for business.

There are many theories about how he died. One claims that he hung himself in the hotel's yard due to mounting debt, while another claims that he went insane and killed his whole family before killing himself.

However, the authorities later said that the man actually died of pneumonia in his house months before he could finish the project.

Some of the reports even claim that Saldana Galvan used the hotel as a venue to perform satanic rituals. The scariest feature of the hotel is a dark room that houses an altar dedicated to a little girl. It is said that the girl had gone missing and was later found dead in the basement and that her ghost now haunts the place, per a report in The Mirror.

Even though it is illegal to enter the hotel, some people manage to get past the security fences to witness its grandeur. Some of them even leave toys and candies at the altar in the hope that the girl will eventually find peace.

The people who live in the area surrounding the hotel claim that they can still hear ghostly wails coming out of the hotel premises. It has now become one of the most haunted sites in the city.

Locals believe that Saldana Galvan now haunts the hotel and that he cursed the building before taking his life. The hotel is only a shadow of what it could have been, but its magnificence is still visible.

The hotel is a mix of Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. It features a theatre, a gorgeous chapel, ballrooms, galleries, tea rooms, Turkish baths, and a human-sized chess board.

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