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The unknown hackers have reportedly threatened to leak more data over the coming weekend and plan to make the leaks a weekly event iStock

The HBO hackers appear to still be at it. The unknown hacker/hackers have reportedly threatened to leak more data over the coming weekend and plan to make the leaks a weekly event. It has previously been reported that the hackers stole some 100GB worth of data, including unreleased clips from upcoming movies and TV series, from HBO.

Although HBO acknowledged the hack on Monday (1 August), the network is yet to comment on the type of data stolen. However, hackers have already leaked episodes from popular TV series Game of Thrones and claim to have more unreleased episodes that they may soon leak.

The hackers, whose identity remains unknown, told Variety that their next release may hit the internet on "Sunday 12 GMT," adding that they will "release the leak gradually every week." The hackers also reportedly claimed that they are in possession of 1.5TB of data stolen from HBO.

The hackers' website, Winter-Leak, which leaked some of the stolen data is currently down. A message from the hackers on the site previously read: "In a complicate (sic) operation, we successfully penetrated into the HBO internal network, emails, technical platforms, and database and got precious and confidential stuff."

However, HBO's CEO and president Richard Plepler allegedly told the network's staff, "At this time, we do not believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised, but the forensic review is ongoing."

However, the hackers appear to be insistent about having gained access to HBO staffers emails. "HBO (especially Poor Richard) is Bluffing. We have 'STILL' full access to their webmails," the hackers told Hollywood Reporter.

Although it was previously unknown whether the hackers made any ransom demands to the network, the cybercriminals are now allegedly claiming that the motive of the hack was to simply make money.

"It's just about money," the hackers said. "We have weeks of negotiations with HBO officials, but they broke their promises and want to play with us. So we have one option. Wait till Sunday. HBO is Falling."