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Buddy Healthcare, A Finnish health technology company, announces the expansion of their digitized healthcare platform into the U.K. market.

The Buddy Healthcare platform was developed in 2016 as a way to provide solutions for creating more efficient and clearer coordination in care pathways. The platform addresses what can be seen as major issues in the large amount of paperwork patients have to fill out as part of a pre-op assessment, long waitlists for patients and which patients need to be prioritized.

Health Tech Company Expands Digital Healthcare Platform To U.K. Hospitals
Health Tech Company Expands Digital Healthcare Platform To U.K. Hospitals And Medical Care Centers Pixabay

Buddy Healthcare is currently used in hospitals, medical centers and private clinics in multiple countries throughout Europe in 25 different medical specialties. Expanding into the U.K. market will give the platform's hospitals and care centers across the region the ability to focus more on the needs of their patients. Buddy Healthcare aims to achieve this by digitizing the process patients have to go through to receive treatment whether it's surgery or routine checkups.

According to Jussi Määttä, Founder of Buddy Healthcare, hospitals across the U.K. are already experiencing staff shortages, which leads to many of the people in the healthcare industry becoming overworked. With growing waiting lists for patients who need to receive surgery, the need for a more efficient and streamlined process to get them the care they need is becoming a serious concern. With the Buddy Healthcare platform, nurses and doctors can spend more time caring for patients and giving them the proper treatment instead of dealing with administrative paperwork that could be digitized.

Määttä says the digital platform allows hospitals and medical centers to transition from keeping track of patient records and datasets on paper to having them all on a single and easy-to-use digital platform. In Finland, where digitized medical processes have become commonplace, the country has already been able to begin saving around 150 euros per patient using systems like the Buddy Healthcare Platform.

The platform also enables people to communicate with hospital staff from the comfort of their homes. If a patient is getting ready for surgery, the hospital staff have the ability through the Buddy Healthcare system to contact them before the operation, to ensure they are ready for the procedure.

Määttä founded Buddy Healthcare in 2016 after he visited a children's hospital in the United States and found the staff were having difficulties keeping up with daily administrative functions. The nurses and doctors at the hospital were unable to spend the necessary amount of time with the patients due to the amount of administration work they had to keep up with. Määttä further discovered once patients left the hospital there wasn't an efficient system in place for the hospital staff to communicate with patients when they reached their homes.