The founder of a cat rescue centre has revealed black cats were less likely to be adopted by potential owners as they do not "show well" in selfies.

Christine Bayka from The Moggery in Bristol said the situation is "more serious" than it has been in the last two decades and as a result was offering free neutering to try and lower the numbers of unwanted kittens, BBC has reported.

After learning that darker felines take on average 10 days longer to re-home than a ginger-coloured one, a number of people were quick to share stories and pictures of their well-loved black cats with the hashtag 'blackcatselfies'.

One user said: "Awful. I don't have one myself but my neighbours have two black cats, and my previous neighbour also had one...and they are the sweetest things."

Another said: "People who abandon cats "because they don't take good selfies" shouldn't have the privilege of owning any animal. My Lois loves a good selfe and she's beautiful."

The story quickly led people to challenge the idea that black cats don't look good in selfies too.

One thing is for sure, people definitely love their black cats.