A second consecutive day of freezing fog has caused chaos at London's Heathrow airport and prompted a severe weather warning from the Met Office on 24 January. It is the second day in a row that over 100 flights have been cancelled at the UK's largest airport.

By 1pm on Tuesday 24 January Heathrow airport had cancelled 118 flights and anticipated delays on a further 31. The number of delays and cancellations may continue to rise.

After low visibility grounded well over 100 planes yesterday, the airport warned passengers to expect a continuation of disruption to the timetable. This morning they announced that their worst fears had been confirmed.

A spokesperson for Heathrow said: "Heavy fog across London is expected to cause disruption to flights at Heathrow today, leading to delays and some cancellations. If you're due to travel, please check the status of your flight with your airline before travelling to the airport.

"Our first priority is the safety of passengers and we're very sorry that the weather has caused disruption to people's journeys."

Widespread fog in the Midlands and South East of England have left the Met Office with no choice but to announce a yellow – or "be aware" – weather warning throughout the morning.

The Met Office said: "Driving conditions will be difficult with journeys likely to take longer than usual and delays to air travel are possible. The fog is expected to slowly thin and lift during Tuesday although it may persist in some areas throughout the day."

The cold weather has also been blamed for contributing to "black" alert pollution warnings across the capital yesterday. The cold, stable atmosphere in the south has allowed pollutants to build up to dangerous levels, according to data recorded by the London Air Quality Network.

It is the first time such extreme levels of pollution have been recorded since Sadiq Khan introduced the new recording system in the summer of 2017. The London Mayor described the situation as "shameful".

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