Jim, the orange eyed Lurcher
Jim, the orange eyed Lurcher Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Evesham are trying to find a new home for Jim, a lurcher breed with striking orange eyes. They are hoping the pooch's resemblance to Jungle Book character Bagheera might help his search. Loving Jim's unusual appearance seems to have left him overlooked by potential owners for the three weeks he's spent at the rehoming centre.

In the jungle book, Bagheera is an orange eyed panther who acts as a mentor and friend to the boy Mowgli. Bagheera also had a tough start to life, like Jim, who came to the charity as a stray.

Jim, the orange eyed Lurcher
Dogs Trust are hoping they can find Jim a new home Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Evesham describe Jim as "loving", "loyal" and "sweet natured" who "will make a great best friend for a lucky owner."

Dogs Trust Evesham Assistant Manager, Emma Bragginton said: "Even with his striking good looks and bouncy personality Jim is often passed by despite his efforts to catch the eye of potential owners. He needs a patient adult owner who will give him plenty of time to help him settle into family life. This energetic boy is looking for an active home, he can live with children over 14 and would love nothing better than to be king of the jungle in a loving home of his own."

He isn't the only homeless dog resembling a Jungle book character currently being cared for by Dogs Trust. The rehoming centre in Kenilworth are trying to find new owners for Floyd, a husky said to look similar to Kaa, the hypnotising snake.

Dogs Trust can be contacted on 0300 303 0292 or by visiting www.dogstrust.org.uk.