There are many unique traditions to welcome in the New Year, and Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of northern China, sees herdsmen hold a camel race on the beach.

The competition features eight teams and is held on the outskirts of the city of Bayannur. It is aimed at promoting traditional folklore and celebrating the winter season.

"The entire relay race measures 50km. Each team has ten camels, and they will finish 10 courses. It may take them one hour and 40 minutes to finish all courses," said the relay race's judge Badalahu said, according to a report by Reuters.

There is also a camel beauty contest where the Gobi Red Bactrian Camels are judged by their bodies, muscles and hooves.

Beauty contest judge Tumenbayar said: "The body must be long, and the four hooves must be fat. The standing stances of camels with fat hooves are different from other camels whose hooves are not in the same line. When camels with fat hooves stand, they have their hooves in the same line. And their offspring always have best scores in competition."