Stranger Things is set to return on 27 October on Netflix and fans of the hit series are desperately waiting to find out what happens next. The last series fitted in an expose of government corruption, supernatural forces, and a missing child. And the hope is that its next instalment is just as ambitious.

While everyone is clearing their weekend diaries to binge-watch the show, we noticed the internet is a treasure trove of brilliant merchandise about this 80s-inspired series.

Here is a list of some of the best items on offer:

The NSFW option

Stranger Thong (Etsy) £14.99

An image of Etsy seller, TheFanDen's thongs inspired by Stranger Things @TheFanDen via Twitter

Verdict: For viewers who feel an intimate connection to the show.

Cute gift idea

Stranger Things Mug (Etsy) £11

A Stranger Things inspired mug with fairy lights spelling out a need for coffee @Central.23 via Instagram

Verdict: More likely to be received well by friends than the thong.

Meaningful gift option

Stranger Things Necklace (Etsy) £8.62

Fairy light necklace inspired by Stranger Things
A necklace replicating the fairy light scene in Stranger Things YogaBlissJewelry via Etsy

Verdict: Why not surprise a partner with inspired jewellery?

For serious fans

Eleven's Dress (Etsy) £69

Eleven character costume
A pink dress directly inspired by Stranger Things character Eleven VioletHouseClothing via Etsy

Verdict: A pricey piece of merchandise but who doesn't want to look like Eleven?

Tasty Treats

Stranger Fillings, the Cook Book (Amazon) £6.99

"Stranger Fillings" cookbook
"Stranger Fillings: Edible recipes to turn your world upside down!" The baking book inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things The Muffin Brothers via Amazon

Verdict: Not entirely sure how a whole cook book has been inspired by Stranger Things.

Fun for everyone

Stranger Things Bingo (Etsy) £4.70

Stranger Things bingo
A bingo game inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things PaperConfete via Etsy

Verdict: Enjoyment of this product really depends on if you like competing against others while watching television.


So there we have it, there are multiple ways to integrate Stranger Things into our daily lives whether it's underwear or cake.