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Britney Spears was initially unaware of the stage invader while she performed her final song, You Drive Me (Crazy) Kevin Winter/Getty

Britney Spears was given a scare when a fan rushed on-stage at her latest concert in Las Vegas on 9 August.

The 36-year-old singer was in the middle of performing her last song, You Drive Me (Crazy), at around 9pm when the unidentified man crept onto the stage at Planet Hollywood where her Piece Of Me residency takes place.

Video footage shot by concert-goers shows Spears, dressed in a red latex bodysuit and matching boots, performing a dance routine when the man appears on the left-hand side of the stage. The Baby One More Time singer is unaware of his presence and continues performing before asking the audience if they were enjoying the evening.

Upon hearing the commotion behind her, Spears then turns around to see several members of her security detail on-stage. The pop star is heard asking her bodyguards: "Is everything okay? What's going on? Who's hurt?" while various reports claim Spears also asked: "He's got a gun?"

Fortunately, the stage invader was apprehended by security and some of Spears' dancers who promptly tackled him to the floor.

Concerned fans peered over the stage while the rest of the audience booed the man and allegedly began chanting "a*****e". When security handcuffed the intruder and carried him off stage, the crowd erupted into cheers.

Watch the moment a man rushes on-stage at Britney Spears' Vegas show:

Concert-goer Jason Blackhurst who watched the drama unfold, told Australia's "It was heading towards the end of the show and she was wrapping up the last song and somebody got onto the stage and one of the security guards tackled them. He broke free and they tackled him to the ground again. Britney was rushed off the stage as security wrestled with the guy, when they moved him off the stage everybody started chanting 'Britney, Britney'."

Another fan who attended the Vegas concert gave their version of events via Instagram, writing: "A crazy fan jumped in on the stage while Britney was performing her hit song "crazy" she was a little terrified and asked if he had a gun?"

Ever the true professional, Spears returned to the stage to perform one last song to avoid cutting the show short. It was the singer's first show back in Sin City following a short tour of Europe over the summer. However, the Piece Of Me residency comes to an end on New Year's Eve (31 December) after four successful years at Planet Hollywood.

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