Democrat Hillary Clinton is up 14% over her Republican rival, Donald Trump in the latest political poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal.

The poll was conducted before the latest presidential debate, but after Trump was revealed on tape boasting about groping women. Clinton is on 52% compared to Trump's 38% in a head-to-head match up among likely voters.

Among all registered voters, Clinton's lead is 13 points – her largest since the poll began in September.

Clinton is up 11% in a four-way match against Trump among likely voters. Libertarian Gary Johnson's tallies 9% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein 2% in the poll.

Trump's tumble appears to have affected his party as well, the poll found.

Forty-nine percent of voters now say they would like to see Democrats in power in Washington, compared to 42%, who prefer the GOP.

That is up from a three-point advantage for Democrats (48% to 45%) in September, and it is the largest advantage for Democrats since late 2013.

Despite those numbers, less than a quarter of polled Republicans say that the tape revelations should be grounds for other GOP Senate and House candidates to drop their support for Trump (9%) or call for him to drop out of the race (14%.)

Of all of those surveyed, 52% said that Trump's aggressive statements about grabbing women should be an issue in the campaign, while 42% disagreed.

Thirty-one percent of voters say Trump's comments about women were "inappropriate, but typical of how some men talk in private with other men," while 41% believe the remarks were "completely unacceptable."

Thirty-five percent of voters strongly believe that the comments "disqualify" Trump from running for president and that he should give up his candidacy while 32% strongly disagree.

New poll results will be released in the coming days to measure voter positions following the fiery debate.

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Battle for Orlando: Who is voting for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the key swing state of Florida? from International Business Times on Vimeo.