धर्मबंधुओ, विजयादशमी आ रही है। पिछली विजयादशमी पर आपसे निवेदन किया था कि अनिवार्य रूप से शस्त्र पूजन कीजिये। अपने पास...

Posted by Sadhvi Deva Thakur on Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Hindu religious leader who has proclaimed herself a god surrendered to police after one of her associates allegedly killed a woman firing when celebratory gunshots at a wedding.

Sadhvi Deva Thakur, leader of the fringe Hindu All Indian Mahasabha movement, surrendered before a court in Karnal, Haryana, local media reported.

The incident occurred at Savitri Marriage Palace in Karnal on Tuesday (15 November), when Sadhvi Thakur, along with six bodyguards, arrived at the wedding bearing firearms.

The Sadhvi, a Hindu word meaning holy woman or god woman, walked up to the dance floor, asked a DJ to play the song of her choice and began dancing with her entourage.

They allegedly started firing celebratory shots while dancing, injuring the groom's 50-year-old aunt aunt, who later died of her wounds, and also injuring three other guests.

Video footage shows her firing a revolver and double-barelled gun while dancing.

Thakur and her associates then allegedly fled the wedding.

Police have reportedly sealed Thakur's ashram, or religious retreat, and seized several luxury vehicles.

Sadhvi Thakur told reporters that she had been framed. "I am innocent, I need urgent medical attention...it's a conspiracy against me, there were other people who were firing," she said, reported NDTV.

Police are still reportedly searching for the six associates of the leader who fired shots.

Sadhvi Thakur is a controversial figure, and was criticised after calling for Christians and Muslims to be sterilised to restrict their growing populations.

She has published several pictures of herself and followers on social media bearing firearms.