Cambridge University's Festival of Ideas will feature one rather innovative attempt at narrating the history of the world.

The festival will feature the work of author Christopher Lloyd, who has written a book of unusual proportions. Titled "The What on Earth? Wallbook", it is a seven-and-a-half feet long chart that narrates the history of the world (and of humanity) on one piece of paper - combining twelve illustrated threads dealing with evolution, civilizations and continental movements, to describe the history of our universe, right from the days of the Big Bang.

In addition to the wallbook, the author will deliver a special talk, on Oct. 22.

Using interesting narrative techniques, concepts like space, earth, sky, sea, land and humanity is drawn in eye-popping and colourful detail, through more than 1,000 drawings!

A Cambridge graduate, Lloyd wrote this book in order to "champion a fresh perspective on the relationship between humanity, other life, and the earth itself," according to a release from the University.

"The What on Earth? Wallbook" has been shortlisted for the British Book Design and Production Awards. Lloyd's other publications include "What on Earth Happened?", now translated into more than 15 languages and the newly released "What on Earth? Wallbook of Natural History", in partnership with the Natural History Museum.