Hitman Episode Three Marrakesh Protest
Suit Only and Silent Assassin with this crowd? This might be tough. Square Enix

Agent 47's third outing in Square Enix's episodic Hitman game for PS4, Xbox One and PC drops the barcoded baldy into the dusty city of Marrakesh.

After the sun-drenched villas of Sapienza, the political machinations and market stalls in 47's latest mission - A Gilded Cage - are a bit of a shock, with swarms of protesters and traders filling Marrakesh's busy streets and standing between you and your targets.

The hardest task in this episode, as in most Hitman levels, is the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge which demands careful play. To tick-off the challenge you'll need to pursue and despatch your two targets – Army General Reza Zaydan and private investment banker Claus Strandberg – without being spotted and wearing only Agent 47's signature suit and tie.

Here's how to tackle this particularly tricky challenge:

Hitman (2016): Marrakesh - How to kill Claus Strandberg in Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge

When prepping your mission, select '47's Signature Suit' and equip the coin and fibre wire as your gear, with the Bazaar Entrance as your starting location.

Run over to where an angry crowd is protesting outside the Swedish consulate building and walk around to the left side of the barricade where you will find a white and yellow truck. Behind the truck there is a gap where you can vault over, just be careful of the single guard when you hop over. Hide behind the railing ahead if he's in sight.

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only base
Vault over the gap between the rear of the truck and the dumpster. Square Enix

When he leaves, go through the door on your left and take the stairs down. In the car park, go right towards the military truck (behind a yellow pick-up) and take note of the array of guards ahead. Wait until only one soldier is left on the other side of the truck.

Lob a coin in the direction shown in the below image. While the guard investigates, grab the keycard from the table he was standing over and quickly get back behind the truck (stay crouched).

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only base
Throw a coin here to distract the guard, leaving you to grab the keycard from the table. Square Enix

Next, make a break for the red car on your right, then hugging the wall as you go, head for the large armoured vehicle. Lob a coin as far as you can in front of the two guards facing you (use the crate as cover) and then make a run for the door ahead - using the keycard for access.

Remain crouched and go up the stairs and out the door. Be careful of the guard chatting to a soldier (facing the other way) and head up the stairs on the left.

Let another patrolling guard walk away and enter the central room in this block. Inside, turn on the vacuum cleaner. Hide to the left of the door and subdue the guard when turns his back to you. Dump him in the recycling crate just in case.

Trot through the door he came from, but be careful as there may be a patrolling guard at the end of the balcony. For this bit you need to be very patient. Clausberg will eventually appear and will be completely unguarded, but you'll need to kill him quickly before the guard comes back.

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only base
Hello Mr. Strandberg. I've been expecting you. Square Enix

When he does appear fibre-wire him when he turns his back, drag him to the room with the vacuum and hide his body in the same crate as before.

Trace your way back the way you came. If there happens to be a guard, distract him by throwing a coin or wrench (found in the vacuum room) away from where you want to go.

Head back to the underground garage (grab the crowbar from the room before this - you'll need it later) and hide behind the red car on your right. Wait until the guard walks away (or you can run by him with careful car/post use) and hug the right wall until you reach a door to a side room.

Go in and hop through the window. Drop down into the stairwell but keep heading up, again hugging the wall. Go through the next door and you'll find yourself back at where you started. Vault over the wall when the guard walks away and blend back into total anonymity among the crowd (for now at least). Save your game if you haven't already.

Hitman (2016): Marrakesh - How to kill Army General Reza Zaydan in Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge

Make your way to the headmaster's house and head up the stairs, watching out for his son as you enter the stairwell which counts as trespassing. The headmaster can be in various positions in his rooftop terrace, but the one you don't want in is him peering over the stairwell - have a look first to avoid restarting.

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only base
Please don't send me to detention. Square Enix

When he sits down to relax, lob your handy crowbar at his head to knock him for six. Grab the key from the table if you feel like it (not totally necessary with the crowbar) and head to the back of the terrace to find a ledge above. Jump up and follow it around and down the pipe.

You will emerge in the military outpost past the barricade. Stay on the level you start on after getting off the pipe and stay crouched as much as you can for this section. Journey round to the other side of the courtyard where the huge tank is precariously placed and use the key/crowbar on the nearby door.

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only base
Agent 47 doing his finest Assassin's Creed impression while overlooking Zaydan's base. Square Enix

When you enter, subdue the guard immediately (or wait until he comes back around to the same starting spot). If he reaches the window and you try to pacify him you'll get busted. When he's down, leave him here as no one can see him and go through the door ahead.

In the next area, wait until the guard inside peers out the window from inside the adjacent building and then jump through the window beyond him.

Mosey into the next room ahead and turn on the intercom system. Go back into the previous room when the solider looks away again. When he's elsewhere, scale the box on your left, hang from the ledge and climb up through the hole in the ceiling.

Razdan will eventually enter this room to check out the bad-mouthing duo. Hide in the room until the General is peering over (with no guards watching from the hall) and introduce him to your fibre-wire.

Hitman Marrakesh Silent Assassin Suit Only Zaydan
Be careful of the guard in the hallway (on the left) before giving Zaydan a deadly fibre-wire throat massage. Square Enix

When he is suitably dead, drag him over to an opposite corner and head back down (again check the guard isn't facing your room), around the courtyard again and then back up the pipe.

Walk back through the headmaster's house while making sure his son is outside when you leave. Head to the nearby exit point next to where you started the mission.

By following these steps, you'll complete the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge (as well as the separate Suit Only and Silent Assassin challenges) and if you were quick about it - a five star rating.

Another fine day's work Agent 47.

(Thanks to PowerPyx for a few helpful tips)

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