Abel believes President Donald Trump owes him money. Reuters/Carlos Barria

Professional media hoaxer Alan Abel claims Donald Trump has owed him $918.58 (£735.42) since 1994.

Abel, who is responsible for pranks including persuading people he was the Deep Throat informant involved in Watergate, says he was awarded the money after suing Trump over an incident that took place outside Trump Tower.

The 86-year-old prankster said he had set up a stall on the pavement outside Trump's building in New York, selling books, but had been told to move on by the tower's security – prompting him to sue the businessman because he was selling the books on public property.

Speaking of the case, which was heard in the Manhattan Small Claims Court, Abel told Newsweek: "It was a default judgment. Trump wasn't there to protest it.

"Because Trump never answers a lawsuit less than 10 grand usually, and even then he'll settle over the phone for something less."

Chasing the money has proved problematic, Abel claims because Trump's businesses have so many different arms it is hard to track down who owes him money.

Although Abel is best known for media hoaxes, he insists the money is owed to him by Trump and that the $918.58 is not a joke or "fake news".

He explained: "I've written probably a dozen letters to Trump's legal department. And they don't respond, usually. I keep badgering.

"Everyone's afraid of fake news these days. I can't believe it.

"[My] intent has been to amuse. Not to upset anybody in the Electoral College or whatnot."