Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes became co-owner of Skura Style in March 2022. @SkuraStyle via Instagram

Eva Mendes, a celebrated actress known for her roles in films like "Hitch" and "The Place Beyond the Pines," has seamlessly transitioned into a successful entrepreneur. Known for her dynamic career in Hollywood and her high-profile relationship with actor Ryan Gosling, Mendes has made a significant mark in the business world by joining Skura Style, an innovative kitchen cleaning brand. Her journey from the glitz and glamour of the silver screen to the practical and purposeful realm of business showcases her versatility and determination.

Discovering Skura Style

Mendes first encountered Skura Style products in 2020 amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, she spent more time at home and, consequently, more time cleaning. The brand's sponges quickly became an indispensable part of her cleaning routine. In March 2022, Mendes took to social media to announce her new role as co-owner of the company, joining forces with co-founders Linda Sawyer and Alison Matz.

"During the pandemic, I was like a lot of people, cleaning obsessively. I'm not a clean freak by any means, but I love having a clean house, especially a clean kitchen and a clean sink. I feel like it's part of mental wellness for me. I was going through so many sponges and so many cleaning products. I basically found them through a friend, Skura Style sponges. I instantly loved them," Mendes shared in an interview with Forbes.

What Makes Skura Style Unique?

Skura Style is an award-winning lifestyle brand that has revolutionised kitchen cleaning tools. Their sponges are particularly noteworthy for being odourless and designed to change colour when it's time for a replacement. This innovative feature ensures that users always use a practical and hygienic product. Since its launch in 2017, Skura Style has raised an estimated $2.18 million, underscoring its success and popularity.

"Immediately, I responded to the touch of it and the design of it. Then, I responded to the technology of it, which is it's made of polyurethane and not cellulose, so it harbours way less bacteria, so it never smells. It rinses really dry, and on the scrubbing side, one of my favourite things about this is it has the monogram, the 'S' for Skura, and it starts to fade, letting you know when it's time to replace your sponge. It really is a smart sponge. It does the thinking for you," Mendes elaborated.

Becoming Part of the Team

Skura Style
Skura Style Co-Owners Eva, Alison and Linda (Screenshot: Instagram/ Skura Style)

Initially, Mendes contacted Skura Style's co-founders to express her gratitude for their excellent products. This simple gesture led to discussions about her deeper involvement with the company, eventually resulting in her becoming a co-owner.

"My day-to-day goes between doing press—I'm endorsing the product. It involves me, Linda, and Alison talking about our shipment supply, our manufacturer. It goes from product development to what else we have coming in. I have my own ideas—certain things I'd like to add to the actual product itself. I've never cared so much about numbers," Mendes explained.

A Full Circle Moment

For Mendes, this collaboration feels like a full circle. About 15 years ago, she worked as a dinnerware designer for her first company, Vida. Joining Skura Style has allowed her to revisit her passion for kitchen products and apply her creative insights in a new way.

Reflecting on Vida, Mendes said: "I'm sure a lot of people that you talk to don't want to talk about their failed businesses, but I love talking about my failed business because that's where I've learned the most. I've gained so much more insight and experience in the marketplace by failing—by having businesses be out there and not succeed in the way I wanted them to."

Mendes is passionate about encouraging others, especially women, to take risks and not fear failure. "I want to make sure that I encourage women specifically, but anybody that wants to take risks. If you're afraid to fail, that risk isn't going to be so big; therefore, the reward won't be as big. I just want to make sure that's not taboo," the Hitch star added.