Macaulay Culkin is not against the idea of digitally editing out Donald Trump from his cameo in "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York."

He responded to a fan's suggestion on Twitter to digitally replace Trump with the modern-day version of the actor. He caught wind of the fan campaign and commented, "Sold."

Another fan immediately ran with the idea and shared a clip that shows the impeached president removed from the film. In "Home Alone 2" Trump made a cameo when he gave the then-young Caulkin, who played Kevin McCallister, directions when he got stranded in New York City's Plaza Hotel. Director Chris Columbus offered him a brief appearance in exchange for shooting a scene at the hotel, which the businessman owned at the time.

Meanwhile, others used cutout images of other celebrities as a stand-in for Trump's appearance in the film. These include Keanu Reeves, Dolly Parton, Matt Smith, and even an older version of Culkin himself.

"Not only should we digitally remove Donald Trump from Home Alone 2, we should replace him with adult Macaulay Culkin. Just make that plot go off the rails," Twitter user Jesse Case wrote.

The digital alterations on Trump's appearance in "Home Alone 2" comes in light of his impeachment proceedings and his permanent ban from Twitter. According to the Washington Post, the platform made the final decision to permanently suspend him after his series of tweets that violated the platform's content policy. This includes his video on the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6 in which he seemingly supported the protesters' violent acts.

As for his cameo in "Home Alone 2," cinematographer Julio Macat said Trump "photobombed" his way into the role. They were at the hotel for 1.5 months which gave him enough time to make his presence known to the cast and crew. He said one day Trump walked through the shot with his entourage when they filmed at the lobby.

Columbus likewise revealed that Trump "bullied his way" into appearing in "Home Alone 2." Even though they already paid to shoot at the hotel, he told them that they can only use the establishment if he is in the movie.

Macaulay Culkin
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