Homeland season 6 episode 12
Carrie with Elizabeth Keane in Homeland season 6 episode 12 Showtime

Homeland season 6 will air its much-awaited finale this Sunday, and things are not looking good for Carrie Mathison, Peter Quinn, and Elizabeth Keane. Episode 12 is titled, America First, which will air on 9 April at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

The official synopsis for the chapter reads, "Pieces fall into place. Season finale."

The network has released official photos and promos for the final chapters, giving fans some tease at what lies ahead for the show's lead characters. The first promo for the episode opens with Carrie telling Quinn, "We have to go right now. I think I know where that special ops team is headed."

In the next scene we see Dar Adal back in action, as he visits the United States Senator, who is tied up with just his underwear on. The captive says, "Have you lost your mind, I am the United States Senator," as Dar throws water at him.

Later Keane is seen asking Saul, "Am I that Scary?" and he replies, "You're a bad dream." This is followed by a scene, where a team shows Quinn's photo to someone, and he orders to take Quinn out, claiming he tried to kill the President-elect.

Later, Quinn is seen scanning the crowd and notices the tight security as he says, "there is a lot of army on the streets and we don't know who is friendly!"

Later we see Carrie and Keane in an elevator, and they are in serious trouble. As we hear someone saying. All units are clear to engage." Carrie pushes the emergency stop button and tells Keane, "they are jamming all signals, we are in a kill zone now."

Keane replies, "Let's get out of here," and opens the elevator as an unknown man points a gun to Carrie's head. The promo ends with Carrie and Keane's life hanging in the balance.

Who is trying to frame Quinn? Can Claire save Keane? To know more do not miss the season finale of Homeland this Sunday.