Showtime's "Homeland" season 8 is set to air episode 9 next. However, it is still a week away, but when it returns fans are assured they will witness an eventful segment. With war-like situation between USA and Pakistan and Jalal taking over the Taliban, things are about to get a bit stormier. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of the series.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Homeland" season 8 episode 9. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The last aired episode, "Threnody" saw some big developments in the storyline. Hayes' attempts to stop the execution failed miserably and Haqqani was killed by a firing squad. Meanwhile, Jalal and his men kill Max. As soon as Saul learns about his death, he arrives at the scene.

Elsewhere, Jalal claims responsibility for shooting down both the helicopters and seizes control of the Taliban. Hayes gives a speech on national television wherein he announces that either Pakistan hand Jalal to the USA or they will wage a war. Meanwhile, Carrie takes Saul to the place where the flight recorder is kept hidden in order to find out the truth about Jalal. The episode ended with Carrie being attacked by Saul's men contrary to his orders. Even though she manages to escape them, she feels betrayed by Saul.

Moving on to "Homeland" season 8 episode 9, the upcoming chapter carries the title "In Full Flight." The title of the episode may suggest that things are about to get explosive. The official synopsis remains vague but suggests three different storylines.

According to the official description, Hayes is going to work on his new ideas. Meanwhile, Carrie continues to work on her mission. And Tasneem is going to deal with some new problems.

"Hayes has ideas; Carrie goes shopping; Tasneem has problems," reads the description as on Spoiler TV.

In addition, the promo Carrie escapes the custody and her allegiance is doubted. Nonetheless, she has no plans to betray her country, and Saul continues to defend her in front of those who believe otherwise. She is definitely up to something that she believes can determine whether US goes to war with Pakistan or not. The flight recorder is still out there, and it could help in stopping the war.

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"Homeland" season 8 episode 9 airs April 5 on Showtime.