The US Department of Homeland Security has drafted guidelines to more aggressively detain and deport people under Donald Trump's immigration plans.

Memos signed by department secretary John F. Kelly outline the guidelines, which aim to implement the president's outlined crackdown on undocumented immigrants, and increase the number of immigration enforcement officers.

Kelly wrote, in comments carried by The Associated Press: "The surge of illegal immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States."

He added there had been an extra 10-15,000 apprehensions per month by border patrol on the US southern border from 2015-2016, underlining the urgency of Trump's plans.

The memos, whose accuracy has not been verified or challenged by the administration, are reportedly set to be reviewed by the White House, with an official speaking anonymously to AP stating the White House had some objections to the documents and would be working with DHS on the policy.

In addition to outlining the need for additional border personnel, Kelly also requests border patrol "immediately begin planning, design, construction and maintenance of a wall, including the attendant lighting, technology (including sensors), as well as patrol and access roads" in order to fulfill Trump's campaign pledge to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.

However, the memo did appear to suggest a concession concerning so-called 'Dreamers' - illegal immigrants who entered the US as minors - who are the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme.

DACA appears set to be left intact, according to the memos, despite Trump earlier suggesting he would like to scrap the programme, which was introduced by former president Barack Obama.