Carla Speight
CEO Carla Speight with both of her sons, Ben and Max

Carla Speight is a single mother of two who has taken her PR Agency through the last recession, barely survived the pandemic, and in the current economic crisis, she is able to step up where the government falls short to save small businesses.

With 10 years of experience in the business, entertainment, PR, and marketing industry, Carla has built her agency from the ground up.

At first, Speight started as a freelance photographer and paved her way into working with clients in podcasts, business, comedy, and music- such as Jason Manford, Shaun Ryder, and Paul Smith to name a few.

The indefatigable woman has marked her presence in the field as her works were featured in The Guardian, Forbes, The Observer, The Times, NME, Metro, The British Comedy Guide, and the list goes on.

Speight had mentioned in an interview with BCG, that the spark for photography had initiated when she was little, especially when her mom surprised her with a disposable camera to fill in the gaps of her school holidays.

This passion was fuelled when Speight stepped into the field as a freelancer. This experience gave her a chance to discover for herself how to develop her skill with the constantly upcoming breeds of technology.

Despite the chains that the pandemic had set on the field, proceeded by the incessant increase in the cost of living, Speight's business had grown to twice its size by the end of 2022.

Recently launching their new consultancy courses and the UK's first PR training app, PR Mastery for Business, Carla and her team are on a mission to support small entertainment, podcasters, and SME businesses in their growth journey.

Intriguingly, the pioneering CEO's goal is to provide affordable PR services for SMEs, who seem to be overlooked by the government, and those who are eclipsed in the entertainment industry. This stems from Speight's own background, coming from a working-class family.

Carla Speight & Co. have created the "PR Mastery for Entertainment & The Arts" app which is designed to bridge the gap for the working class and disadvantaged to access the power of RP as there is a lack of gender, race, and class diversity in the entertainment industry.

Adding to that, this service targets comedians of all levels of talent and has been nurtured by over a decade in the industry with Carla's rich experience from TV and area sell-outs to circuits.

Not to mention, there is more of this successful woman than the eyes can see. Speight is a mother of two boys who, as she points out with BCG, likes to invest some quality time with them and away from any distractions.

Unfortunately, Speight disclosed to Business Leader recurrent instances where she faces stereotypes and sexism.

"They foolishly read my name as Carl, not Carla, or assumed I was an assistant," Speight said. The rising CEO stresses that it wasn't easy for her to be female in the field.

On International Woman's Day, Carla Speight gives a great example of a distinctive woman who takes a leap of faith toward the ravenous voice of her passion. Not unlike, other females have also marked their territories by earning prestigious positions in their work fields.

Carla was voted as the Live Comedy Association representative for freelance professionals and as a working-class girl. Her devotion is to assisting less privileged performers as she believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for coverage.

Carla Speight paves her way from a freelance shutterbug to the CEO of Carla Speight & Co.