Paul Ryan
House Speaker Paul Ryan Reuters

House Speaker Paul Ryan appears to be facing an uncertain future following the surprise win for GOP president-elect Donald Trump.

Ryan and Trump spent much of the election campaign at odds with one another, with Ryan failing to endorse Trump until the last minute. Trump eventually accused the house speaker of being part of a "sinister plot" from within the GOP.

But after Trump swept to victory with 279 Electoral College votes to his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton's 228, both Ryan and Trump are in awkward positions as far as the future of their fractured relationship goes.

Although Ryan confirmed he did vote the full Republican ticket, he was clearly not expecting a Trump victory, openly claiming he was "done with" Trump following the leaked video footage of him making lewd comments about women. Instead, Ryan suggested he would focus on the House majority.

Ryan was also forced to deny recent rumours that he would not be continuing as speaker, suggesting he was intending to run for re-election, although he did not comment on whether or not he had discussed his position with Trump.

"Last night and again this morning I spoke with President-elect Donald Trump," Ryan told The Hill, assuring voters they would find a united GOP.

"We talked about the work ahead of us and importance of bringing this country together. I think our relationship is fine. I think we're going to hit the ground running. We've already talked about getting our transitions working together."

However, it is not yet clear whether Trump is willing to forget the pair's year-long feud, with one GOP insider suggesting to the news service that Ryan could face an uncertain future.

"It's hard to guess what he'll do," the anonymous source said.

"If Trump blesses Paul, all is good. If Trump decides to fight, it will be a problem," the lawmaker continued. "My guess is Trump will be magnanimous, but how often has he been magnanimous over the past year?"