Nathan Desai
A photo of Nathan DeSai from his LinkedIn profile LinkedIn

Nine people were injured after a gunman opened fire in Houston, Texas, on 26 September. The suspect was shot dead by local police, who later confirmed that he was a lawyer.

Fox News has since identified the gunman as Nathan DeSai, citing multiple sources. DeSai had previously worked at McDaniel & DeSai LLP, which closed down within the last year.

An ABC13 reporter allegedly spoke with DeSai's father, who confirmed that his son had been upset over the failure of his law firm. He also said that various calls to his son on the morning of the shooting had gone to voicemail.

DeSai's father has confirmed that Nathan owned multiple guns and had a license to carry. He also confirmed that his son drove a black Porsche, which is believed to be the same type of car police were examining at the shopping centre parking lot after the shooting.

Meanwhile, a number of Yelp reviews have resurfaced of DeSai's law firm, with people posting negative comments about the service. One user also posted comments about DeSai, accusing him of acting unprofessionally.

Yelp user Rhi Marie wrote: "Nathan DeSai acted very unprofessionally by asking me (a paying client) out for dinner and drinks. I understand that attorneys cannot guarantee outcomes or results, but I was very offended by the lack of professionalism."

The gunman had been known to law enforcement officials and several guns had been found in his vehicle. A bomb squad had been sent to check the car and police said that they would be searching the suspect's home.

Out of those injured, one is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital while another is in a serious condition at Ben Taub. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said that the gunman "appeared to be a disgruntled lawyer who took out his anger and frustration on individuals".