In a shocking incident, a Bali hotel employee has been caught on camera asking a tourist from Australia to perform oral sex in return for good customer service. The woman, who captured the incident on camera and posted it posted it on Facebook, is now receiving death threats on social media.

Aneta Baker, who was holidaying with her friends on the island in Indonesia, was making an inquiry about a refund for being mistakenly charged by the hotel for an additional night's stay when the incident took place.

Since the video has gone viral, the hotel employee has lost his job while Baker has been receiving nasty messages that also include death threats.

According to Baker, she was alone as her friends had gone for a smoke and it was then that the hotel representative asked her "How about a b**w job" in return for the refund.

The 28-year-old woman said that she started recording the video after being asked for oral sex. She posted the eight-minute long video on Facebook on 2 February, and wrote, "Listen out for what he says 0:09 seconds in, it's quiet but I caught him". The video has gone viral and has gained 17,000 views.

"At the start of the video I say, 'so you want me to give you what?' And it's quite hard to hear but you can definitely catch it at 00:09 seconds in, he responds with 'b**w job'."

Baker wrote in the post that, "I was shocked at this person who was in a position of authority in the hotel I stayed at, who waited till I was alone, then proposed he would give me the refund 'but what would I give him' were his exact words".

"His confidence was disturbing, for it makes me know that there have been countless others that have gone through this too," she added, according to Daily Mail website.

However now, after receiving threats, Baker has clarified that the hotel employee had clearly used the phrase 'b**w job' in their exchange. IBTimes UK has contacted Baker and is awaiting a response.

A few commentators say that the employee is not saying "b**w job" but is instead saying "voucher", which is needed for the refund.

Baker maintains that the employee asked her for a sexual favour. "One hundred percent face he asked me for a b**w job. And he did so more than once, that's the reason that I decided I had to record the conversation because of what he had plain out right asked me for a b**w job," Baker told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday (8 February).

Many people even messaged her saying that the employee's English was not good, which is why there could have been a confusion, but Baker refuses to believe that, "I asked to speak to a manger or someone who could speak English better and that's when the guy in the video came out and my interactions with him began."

When the general guest services manager was called down, he was shocked to learn about the behaviour of his worker as this was the first time they had heard of something like this within the hotel.

"The boss man was incredibly apologetic and has said that this person would not have a job the next day. I am also waiting to be filled in with how they process this incident and asked to be kept in the loop."

According to the mother-of-four, she believes that it was not the first time that this employee would have asked tourists for favours.

Baker did not mention the name of the hotel as the act of the employee does not reflect the hotel.

She further said that the purpose of her recording the video was to protect other women from being victims.

"This happened to me on my last night in Bali but I can guarantee you that I was not the first person he has done this to.

"No one should experience this and I'm somewhat glad it happened to me so I can be a voice for the voiceless, that I can speak up for those who may not have felt they could," she added, according to Malaysian Digest.

"It blows my mind and although it was a horrible experience, I'm actually somewhat glad it happened to me so I could shut it down. I hope this inspires anyone else who is propositioned to speak up as well," Baker said.

IBTimes UK could not independently verify the video.

Note: The headline and article have been updated to incorporate the latest developments in the story.