All through season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder fans were teased with hints about Wes Gibbins being a potential murderer. Although it was assumed that Wes' mother Rose had committed suicide, clues in episode 12 suggested that she was actually murdered by her own son, Wes.

In flashback scenes Annalise was seen establishing Rose as an alibi for Charles Mahoney in his murder trial. However, she wanted to testify anonymously so her citizenship status would not come into play. But after Wallis Mahoney threatened to kill her son Christophe aka Wes, Rose failed to show up at the trial.

Wes and Laurel decided to fly to Ohio to look into the case, where Laurel discovered a shocking truth – Wes may have killed his mother. The episode ended with a flashback where is seen Rose on the ground, covered in blood with a young Wes hovering over her with a bloody knife.

Executive producer Pete Nowalk also spoke about Wes's twist in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and said, "Wes has always appeared to be the show's puppy, but he's clearly shown he's not so innocent. So maybe being a killer has always been in his DNA. We all suppress childhood memories, especially the more traumatic ones."

Later, Laurel, who was reeling from the fact that Frank had killed Lila, shared a kiss with Wes. Now, according to Nowalk, next week's episode will shed more light on Laural and Wes' impromptu kiss.

The producer shared, "Wes and Laurel have two options: to pretend like the kiss never happened— what happens in Ohio stays in Ohio — or they can keep kissing. Next week's episode will shed more light on their decision."

To catch up on what's in store for Wes and all the other characters, tune into episode 13 of How To Get Away With Murder season 2 that airs on 3 March at 10pm ET on ABC.

Did Wes kill his mother? The haunting, unbelievable answer is revealed next week! #HTGAWM

Posted by How to Get Away With Murder on Saturday, 27 February 2016