"How to Get Away with Murder" (HTGAWM) season 6 continues to surprise and shock viewers. Episode 2 made some shocking revelations and fans can't wait to find out what's coming next for Annalise and Co.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for HTGAWM season 6 episode 3.]

In episode 2 titled "Vivian's Here," Annalise finally meets Vivian, the mother of Sam's child Gabriel Maddox. Vivian's out of the blue appearance led to a few revelations such as Sam and Gabriel's first meeting when he was 11, and Gabriel is probably a murderer who killed Vivian's boyfriend Paul.

Meanwhile, the timing of Vivian's arrival in the town worries Keating Four. They suspect that she might have been let in on by FBI for Annalise's investigation. And, they are proven right when Annalise sees Vivian's photo with an FBI agent in a car. Moreover, Michaela is revealed to be a part of Annalise's murder interrogation. In a flash-forward, it is disclosed that the weapon of murder has her fingerprints.

Did Michaela kill Annalise? Annalise's murder mystery will continue to unravel as the show moves forward. It is too early to expect a definite answer to the biggest mystery of the sixth and the final season of the series.

When the show returns with "HTGAWM" season 6 episode 3 titled "Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?" Michaela will end up complicating things in the courtroom. According to the official synopsis, Annalise comes to her rescue and leads her to the winning path by using memories of Sam. Connor has too much to deal with next week. He will find himself in a situation after his efforts to reunite a family backfires.

Elsewhere, Frank is back in action and he recruits Oliver to follow a lead on Laurel. And Gabriel uncovers another secret about Michaela and her birth father.

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By the look of the trailer for HTGAWM season 6 episode 3, Annalise is certainly not in a good position and things are only going to get intense. Also, fans can expect to learn more about one of the biggest central mystery of the series, Laurel's disappearance. 'I found her" Franks says in the trailer.

It stars Viola Davis, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Charlie Weber, Matt McGory and more.

"HTGAWM" season 6 episode 3 airs Thursday on ABC.