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How to interface a Sony PS4 controller to an Apple Mac and play games IB Times UK

Apple's Mac computers have for long been known as gaming companions. With Steam now on Mac, the experience is bound to get more intuitive for gamers who prefer gaming on a Mac instead of on a Windows PC.

With games belonging to genres such as first person shooters (FPS), sports and adventure offering a comparatively better experience when played with a controller, than by using a keyboard/mouse, it only makes sense for gamers to interface a gaming controller to their Macs when running games.

This means that it is perfectly possible for users to connect a PS4 controller for playing games within a Mac. Games such as Batman: Arkham City, Borderlands 2 and more can be check out on a Mac, by connecting a PS4 controller. A PS4 controller can be interfaced to a Mac as given in the steps below:

How to connect and make use of a PS4 controller on a Mac

Connecting via Bluetooth

Step 1: Navigate to System Preferences

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

Step 3: Switch Bluetooth on

Step 4: Once Bluetooth is switched on, long press both the Playstation and Share keys on your PS4 controller, till the controller's lamp bar blinks.

Step 5: Your PS4 controller will be detected by the Mac, and will be displayed in the device list in the Bluetooth settings panel.

Step 6: Select Wireless Controller and click Pair. If prompted for a password, enter "0000".

Your PS4 controller is now paired with your Mac computer.

Apart from via Bluetooth, a PS4 controller can also be interfaced to a Mac computer via USB.

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