On 22 September each year World Rhino Day sets out to raise awareness for one of the most critically endangered creatures on earth. The animal that has been around for millions of years is now under constant threat – largely from poaching which has laid waste to the species.

But do you know your Southern White Rhino from your Western Sumatran rhinoceros? Do you know your tusk from your horn?

Here at IBTimes UK, we like to spread awareness with facts. If you've got rhinos sorted, why not test how much you know about other threatened species like elephants or orangutans? But honestly, how much do you really know about rhinos? Take our quiz to check yourself.

If you feel a bit confused by the answers and want to know a bit more about each of the facts, check out IBTimes UK's rhino facts to see where you might have gone wrong and learn a bit more about these incredible creatures.

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