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How to pair an Android Wear via virtual machine on Mac (without an Android phone) iDownloadblog

The Android community has been recently abuzz with various ways of pairing an Android Wear with an iPhone (jailbroken and non-jailbroken) while some unlucky smartwatch users have been left out, as they do not own an iPhone or an Android phone for that matter.

Consequently, folks at XDA forum have unearthed a new way of pairing an Android Wear with virtual machine on Mac using Parallels.

Keeping the complexity involved in pairing an Android Wear to a computer, iDownloadBlog has shared a nifty video tutorial (see below), which is based on the original posted by XDA forum junior member, matrixfatalerror.

Downloads required

Parallels for desktop


Steps to pair Android Wear via virtual machine on Mac

  1. Download and install Parallels desktop.
  2. Run the pre-configured experimental Android VM from Parallels initially creating the virtual machine
  3. Download Android x86 v4.4-RC2.iso file after successfully installing the new Android VM bundled
  4. Shutdown the initially created VM and mount the iso to a virtual cd drive. Set the boot order to start with CD first
  5. After startup in grub go to the install Android option (last one)
  6. During the install allow formatting of the virtual drive and overwrite the initial operating system that was installed with the new version
  7. After startup of the new virtual machine with the correct image, setup your Google account to access the play store
  8. Download Google Wear and install
  9. Go to the VM settings while running Virtual Machine and check or enable the option to share both Bluetooth and web cam USB devices
  10. Go to settings in the Android VM and then Bluetooth. Attempt to pair with the watch.
  11. A prompt will come up in the actual OS to pair with the watch. Just click on pair in the main OS.
  12. The main OS will say the watch is not connected but the guest Android VM will now recognise the watch and start the pairing process.
  13. Once pairing is complete simply use all functions that would normally be used in the virtual machine.
  14. In order to receive text message notifications by your computer when paired use a carriers text app such as Verizons connect app.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below (courtesy iDownloadBlog):

[Source: XDA]