The HTC One, featuring a 4.7in screen, runs with a 2,300mAh powered battery that handles the Snapdragon 600 chips featuring a quad-core Krait 300 processing unit, clocked at 1.7GHz.

HTC One users can now increase the clock speed of processor using the overclock kernel released by senior XDA developer, tbalden. Along with increasing the CPU speed, kernel integrates several features and customisations.

Guide to overclock HTC One Clove

Performance Edition additional features

Hotplug control (MPDecision removed from ramdisk)

Undervolting control

Overclockable (CPU)

Thermal control

Additional Governors

Additional io scheduler

GPU overclocked 450MHz

Head over to the development thread to learn more about the overclock kernel.

HTC One users, who wish to overclock their devices, may follow our step-by-step guide.

IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to the device. Users are also advised to ensure that their devices meet following requirements.


1) Install USB Drivers for HTC One to transfer files between the Android device and computer.

2) Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone to connect it with the computer and use Android SDK with it. [Press Menu>> Settings>> Applications. From there navigate and click on Development option and check the USB Debugging Mode.]

3) As the tutorial is likely to wipe all data of the phone, create a backup. If the device is having any custom recoveries such as ClockworkMod/TWRP already installed then backup data using the recovery.

4) The HTC One should have above 80 per cent of battery charge.

5) The phone should be rooted and have ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery installed. Click here for our guide to root and install CWM recovery on HTC One.

6) The over clock kernel and the tutorial work only on HTC One M7. Applying this on any incorrect variant might brick the device.

Steps to create a backup

Step-1: Download and install the Quick Boot app on the phone

Step-2: Once the app is installed, launch it from app drawer

Step-3: Now click the Recovery option and the device will reboot into the recovery mode soon

Step-4: In the recovery mode, select backup and restore and then select backup

Step-5: Now create backup of all the files and save it on the device

Steps to install overclock kernel on HTC One

Step-1: Download the overclock kernel for HTC One to the computer

Step-2: Connect the phone to the computer using USB cable

Step-3: Now copy the Overclock kernel zip to the SD card of the phone. Then disconnect the phone from the computer

Step-4: Open the Quick Boot app from the phone's app drawer

Step-5: Click the Recovery option and reboot the phone into Recovery mode

Step-6: In recovery mode, select install zip from sdcard then select choose zip from sdcard. Then navigate to the kernel zip which was earlier copied to the SD card of the phone. Select the zip and confirm installation

Step-7: The installation will take a few minutes to complete. Once the installation process is completed, reboot the phone

Steps to overclock HTC One

Step-1: Download SetCPU and AnTuTu CPU Master. Install these apps on the phone

Step-2: Open the app drawer of the phone

Step-3: Now increase the CPU clock speed using options available in the app. Keep on doing as long as the device is comfortable with it

Step-4: Do not choose the save on boot option in the app, as it might crash the device

Step-5: When you find the device to be comfortable at a specific speed, close the app

Provided all the steps are followed strictly, the HTC One should be now overclocked successfully.

Steps to revert to Stock kenel [optional]

Step-1: Launch the Quick Boot app from the app drawer of the phone

Step-2: Click the Recovery option and reboot the phone into Recovery Mode

Step-3: In recovery mode, select backup and restore then select restore to restore the recent backup of the device

Step-4: When the restoring is completed, reboot the phone

As the HTC One boots up, it should be running on the stock kernel.

[Source: The Unlockr]