Huawei is in a difficult place right now due to the recent trade ban on its products. Analysts predict that this will affect the sales of its smartphones on an international level as well.

The company's latest flagship models – the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro – are shipping without Google Play services. Users who are dependent on the Google's ecosystem of apps are finding it difficult to justify the purchase. However, there's reportedly a quick and easy way to overcome the imposed limitation.

Upon activation, users will be greeted by a familiar interface. Upon checking the settings, it's clear that the handset is running on Android 10. Unfortunately, the software is missing key Google applications, which ends up limiting its usability in western markets. Last week, Richard Yu, Huawei CEO, proposed a solution, which the Chinese electronics brand quickly retracted shortly thereafter.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, some individuals were not about to give up. Therefore, barely a week after the launch of the Mate 30 series, a new method to restore Google's services surfaces. According to BGR, the overall process should take users about 10 minutes. Since this is an unofficial workaround, there's a potential risk of something going wrong during the process. Nonetheless, Android is a flexible operating system and most errors can be fixed through various means.

Before anything else, a solid Wi-Fi connection is required after the initial startup of the Mate 30. Owners are instructed to open the default web browser and navigate to a specific URL. This will prompt the user to download the installer APK,which is normally saved in the downloads folder. Launching the app is the final step as the program downloads all the necessary files to activate Google Play services on the device. After a quick restart, the Play Store should be accessible.

Just note that there might be some issues after installing certain apps, but another restart should fix everything. Meanwhile, if the U.S. Government does not lift the ban on the manufacturer soon, the smartphone industry could see a new operating system enter the market. Huawei is allegedly ready to switch over to it's own HarmonyOS and HMS app for future flagship models after the Mate 30.

No bootloader unlock option for Mate 30
Huawei clarifies that there are no plans to unlock the bootlader of the Mate 30 series until the U.S. trade ban against it is lifted. AFP / Christof STACHE