Blue lobster
Catch of the day - the rare blue lobster caught off the Plymouth coast in the US

A fisherman reeled in catch of the day when he pulled a huge two-pound blue lobster from the North Atlantic sea. Wayne Nickerson knew he'd brought in an impressive haul after fishing in Cape Cod, off the Plymouth coast, but it was only when he took a closer look did he realise he had bagged one of the rarest crustaceans.

Not only was one of the lobsters a meaty two-pounds but it was also a striking blue.

"He let out a loud exclamation of excitement," his wife Jan said. "He was very clear about how excited he was." To mark the occasion, Nickerson named the lobster Bleu.

The lobster got its colour due to a genetic mutation that causes the it to produce higher levels of a type of protein. Experts say the chances of catching one is extremely rare and rate the odds at one in about two million.

It has been called a once on a lifetime find but incredibly for Nickerson, who is owner and captain of FV Windsong in Plymouth and has been fishing for lobster for over 35 years, it was the second time he had caught a blue lobster.

After reeling the prize catch in the fisherman sailed straight to port and showed his find to local children. "He asked the children, 'Do you want to see the blue lobster?'" Jan Nickerson said. "The children cheered like crazy. That was the best part for me. It was so cute."

Nearly 100 million lobsters land in the United States every year which means there are around 50 blue ones found.