Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman in X-Men 2000
Hugh Jackman will reprise the role of Wolverine – just not on the big screen

Hugh Jackman has not left Wolverine behind completely. The Logan actor says he will reprise the role of the X-Men character in the future – but it will happen behind closed doors meaning fans will not get to see him back in action.

The Australian actor said farewell to the beloved Marvel character in the recent spin-off Logan, leaving behind a role that spanned 17 years. However, Jackman, 48, says Wolverine will be back but not on the big screen.

Speaking to ITV's Lorraine on 29 June, the actor said: "He'll come back, just not with me ... except Saturday nights at my house. I dress up. When my kids are not doing their homework, I dress up and the claws come out, I just have to do that [raise an eyebrow] with the claws and it works."

Although Jackman has put the claws away for good, the Les Miserables star is confident Wolverine will return in the future through another actor. He said: "Definitely someone else will play the role [of Wolverine], it's a great role. You know, it's like a Bond or it's a like a Batman, those kind of roles, other people will play him for sure."

Jackman, and his wife Deborra Lee-Furness, who married in 1996, are parents to two children, son Oscar, 17, and 11-year-old daughter Ava. Over the last two decades, Lee-Furness, 61, has supported her husband's unprecedented rise to fame in Hollywood while holding their family together and maintaining her own career.

Jackman can not praise his doting wife enough, saying on the programme: "I'm married to the greatest woman alive. She's amazing. We're best friends, and we share everything. She's smart. We always said we'd never spend more than two weeks apart. Sometimes life and work does get crazy. But we met on my first job when she was already a big star, I was a nobody. So we have shared everything, all the ups and downs, and always will."

Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness
Hugh Jackman describes his wife, Deborra Lee-Furness, as the "greatest woman alive" REUTERS/Lucas Jackson