US vice president Joe Biden has been greeted by a rally of hundreds of Donald Trump supporters during a visit to Serbia.

Hundreds of members of the Serbian Radical Party marched in the streets during Biden's visit to Belgrade, holding placards that read 'vote Trump' and chanting 'Donald Trump, Donald Trump'.

The demonstration was intended to be timed with Biden's stay in the capital, as the vice president is seen by many in Serbia as representing unwanted US involvement in the country – something demonstrators said would not happen under GOP presidential nominee Trump.

Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj told Reuters at the rally: "Trump is the alternative to globalisation because he will destroy old centres of power in the United States, and he is a supporter of Russia because he wants an agreement with Russia.

"These are the reasons the radicals are supporting Trump."

Biden attempted to mend old wounds during his trip to Serbia, offering his condolences to those who lost loved ones in NATO-led airstrikes during the 1990s, and will then spend time in Kosovo.

"There's a long history between our two countries, the United States and Serbia, not all of it good. Some of it painful," CNN reported Biden saying from Belgrade on 16 August. "But I'm proud the United States and Serbia have started a new chapter in our relationship, grounded on the shared ideas of mutual respect."

In addition, Biden's visit also aimed to encourage Serbia to recognise Kosovo as a state, which it currently does not do.