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  • Joshua Hansen was arrested following joint surveillance operation.
  • The package contained whisky, tobacco and home-cooked food.
  • The inmate now faces charges for escaping prison and possession of marijuana.

A Texas inmate was apprehended after he broke out of prison to collect a delivery of whisky and home-cooked food.

Dallas native Joshua Hansen, 25, was arrested following a joint surveillance operation between Jefferson country sheriff and US Marshals outside a federal prison in Beaumount, Texas.

Police devised the operation after they received reports from a local rancher that inmates were leaving the back of the prison and trespassing onto private property. It was believed they were picking up parcels of goods banned by prison authorities.

On 25 January, officers witnessed a black vehicle pull up to a property near the prison grounds and drop off a large black duffel bag. At 7.30pm, Hansen was spotted leaving the grounds to the drop-off point, where he picked up the bag.

The inmate was arrested by agents when he attempted to run back into the prison with the duffel bag. They found whisky, 3 bottles of brandy, rolling tobacco and home-cooked food stashed inside the

According to police, Hansen is currently serving a sentence for possession of narcotics. He now faces further charges of escape and possession of marijuana.

Date: 01/25/2018 OFFENSE: Escaped Federal Inmate arrested Location – Private land behind the Federal PrisonDeputies...

Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office-Texas on Thursday, January 25, 2018