Cybersecurity: Hyatt Hotels becomes the latest chain to fall prey to a payment hack
Hyatt has not provided an information on whether customers' data had been stolen Reuters

The latest victim of a cyberattack is global hospitality brand Hyatt Hotels. The company said that it found malware on computer systems that are used to process customer payments.

The hack has affected its payments processing system of those properties that are managed by Hyatt. The hospitality giant announced on 23 December that its systems had been breached, however, there was no information on whether or not customers' credit card information or other data had been stolen.

Hyatt began a probe as soon as it discovered the breach and hired leading cybersecurity experts to investigate the hack. It added that security of its payments system was enhanced to make customers to feel comfortable while making purchases. The American hospitality firm has asked customers to keep an eye on unauthorised charges in their card statements and report unusual activity to the card issuing company.

Hyatt is providing complete assistance to those customers who have queries. The company has a portfolio of 627 properties across 52 countries.

Cyberattacks on other hotels

In November 2015, US hotel chain Hilton Worldwide was attacked by hackers, who had obtaining sensitive credit card information of former guests in the attack.

The hospitality chain owns 4,500 hotels across the world.

The Hilton hack came just four days after Starwood Hotels, which operates Sheraton and Westin chains, announced that hackers had breached payment systems in some of its establishments, potentially leaking customer credit card information.

In July, Donald Trump's chain of luxury hotels was also believed to have fallen prey to a security breach dating back to least five months.