Nikki Walsh, Tanner Broadwell and Remy
The couple, along with their pet dog Remy, set off for an adventure around the world Nikki Walsh/GoFundMe

Nikki Walsh, 24, and 26-year-old Tanner Broadwell of Colorado wanted to leave their old lives behind and go globetrotting. The aspiring vagabonds went so far as to quitting their jobs and selling all their possessions, including their car and furniture.

With their newly acquired funds, they purchased a boat worth nearly £7,000 ($9,729). However, unfortunately, the couple ended up losing their watercraft just two days into their journey across the world.

Joined by their 2-year-old dog Remy, the couple began their long journey by sea, carrying adequate food and supplies. They headed to Key West from Tarpon Springs Florida. It was at John's Pass, near Madeira Beach, where the boat ran into problems as strong waves tossed the vessel back and forth, according to the couple's GoFundMe page.

Speaking to the New York Post, Walsh described how she and her Uber driver boyfriend were terrified and forced to abandon ship after collecting essential documents and a few clothes.

"I also grabbed Remy's food and just about everything he needed," she said. "He doesn't deserve to go without his favorite toys."

While some may attribute the accident to bad luck, the couple has admitted that they had no prior experience in sailing other than receiving help from Broadwell's father. According to the Tampa Bay Times, they have no jobs, insurance or savings.

"I sold everything I had to do this," Broadwell said, "and I lost everything in a matter of 20 minutes".

Presently, with only £60 between them, the couple is living with loved ones until they find a way to get back on their feet.

Walsh explains that she is grateful for the overwhelming support so far. "We're getting a lot of kind, positive thoughts our way," she said. "But the main goal is getting the boat out of the water."

On 8 February, Walsh created a campaign on GoFundMe, requesting donations towards the $10,000 required to retrieve the boat. After a week, the page has crossed the initial goal and raised more than $15,000.

Despite the proven challenge of sea travel, the couple still hopes to give their dream a second try someday. "I'm not going to give up now," Broadwell said. "I'm going to get another boat down the road."