ASUS Transformer Prime ‘Sequel’ Teased, More Details To Come Before Computex 2012 Showcase [VIDEO]
Computer manufacturer Asus is enticing tech fans with a teaser video alluding to its next line of Transformer products. The footage provides users with hints as to what the coming gadgets have in store, which could include cloud technology. Asus

Installing an APK turns out to be the simplest and the most convenient method for rooting an Android device. You will be hard pushed to find an easier method, courtesy XDA developers.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide to quickly and effectively root your Transformer and Transformer Prime devices using SparkyRoot. The steps are easy to follow and even an inexperienced jailbreaker should be able to complete the task. The method is expected to work on just about any Transformer Prime firmware.

"This root app has been confirmed working on current OTAs for the ASUS Transformer (TF101) and Transformer Prime (TF201) Devices. This includes v9.4.2.15 for the TF201 and v9.2.1.11 for the TF101. This method (as it is currently implemented) no longer works with the v9.4.2.21 ROM on TF201," asserts the developer, according to RedmondPie.

How to Root Transformer Prime (TF101 and TF201) on ICS 4.0.3

Before you start, IBTimes UK recommends you backup your data to prevent loss or to coutner the risk of potential data damage during the process of rooting.

Step 1: Download and Install SparkyRoot from the XDA thread

Step 2: Once installation completes, hit run, and click step 1, -> Exploit

Step 3: Click step 2 -> open the ASUS App Backup tool, and backup your apps

Step 4: Return to this app, and then click step 3 -> Install SuperUser, which will install the SuperUser app

Step 5: Click step 4 -> Cleanup, and you are done. This successfully completes rooting process for your Transformer or Transformer Prime

The release of such user-friendly tools surely boosts the morale of a beginner trying to root a device for the first time. Rooting a device can unlock endless possibilities including many hidden features and enhanced functionality for the device. Nevertheless, unlocking a device could leave it vulnerable to malware infiltration but as long as you proceed with necessary caution, such risks are fairly minimal.

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