Accidental stag do invitation
Alistair was added accidentally to a Whatsapp about a stag do - but was invited along anyway. @Alistair_WW_Mac/Twitter

A London lad almost found himself aboard the banter bus to Amsterdam when he mistakenly got invited to a WhatsApp group for guys organising a stag do. His new mates, from Manchester, were even prepared to club together and buy Alistair's flights, so merrily did they embrace the wrong number-induced situation.

Alistair posted screenshots of the conversation on Twitter on Monday (27 November), saying: "Got accidentally added to a group chat with a bunch of lads from Manchester for a stag do. One thing led to the other and now it looks like I'm going Dam."

The group thought they were adding someone called Damo to their conversation about organising the Amsterdam excursion. But Alistair told them: "I ay damo. My names Alistair. Think yous got the wrong number here."

He was met with a good response, and an almost immediate invitation to join the stag do. "Go on alistair lad," one man said. "Fancy Amsterdam alistair?" another added.

Alistair took it in his stride, saying: "F**k me I get paid Thursday. Let's have a laugh lads." He even offered to bring cocaine, whether jokingly or not, saying: "I'll be coming and I'll bring the charlie." He later added: "Let's have some fun lads."

The group responded well to this, with one saying: "This is f**king brilliant. Go on Alistair lad." One lad then asked who was up for chipping in to pay for Alistair's flight. "I'm in," four of them replied.

But Alistair's dream of ledging it up in the Netherlands with his new besties was over all too soon, in under 24 hours. After his tweet with screenshots of the conversation garnered more than 50,000 likes and 12,000 RTs, the lads objected to the fact he had left their numbers visible for the world to see.

Responding to someone who brought up the fact their numbers had made public in the viral images, Alistair said: "F**ked it lads. Didn't think I'd blow up," adding that he had not booked the trip yet as he was not getting paid until Thursday.

After one of the other guys seemed to forgive him, saying "Ah, Don't worry about that. Good work," Alistair was removed from the group. He took the rejection in his stride, saying in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon: "Dreams over ladies and gentleman - been given the boot. Seemed like a good bunch mind. Hope they have a cracking time in Amsterdam."

He learnt his lesson in the second tweet, erasing some – but not all – of the visible numbers. On Wednesday morning, someone else revealed that Danny, one of the men involved, had non-stop phone calls, texts and WhatsApp messages from random people all day on Tuesday thanks to his number going viral.

IB Times UK has contacted Alistair for comment but he appeared to delete his Twitter account on Wednesday (29 November).