I'm a Celebrity
Lady Colin Campbell has been stirring things up in camp I'm a Celebrity/Twitter

Lady Colin Campbell might well be the oldest person in the I'm A Celebrity camp, but the fiesty aristocrat is not averse to taking on her fellow campmates, including boxing champ Chris Eubank. Tensions between the two erupted after Lady C refused to take part in a Bushtucker Trial called Panic Pit, that involved getting into a hole in the ground and crawling through a tunnel as the door closed behind her.

The 66-year-old told presenters Ant and Dec: "I'm not starting it, sorry. I have a cousin who was murdered by being buried alive. I'm not doing anything that is coffin-like or involves coffins. I'm really sorry about this. I would gladly be a sport," she said. Her decision to bail out resulted in no stars for her hungry campmates,,most of whom were sympathetic. But Eubank was unimpressed.

The former boxer's suggestion of imposing penalties for camp mates who failed to win stars, left Lady C riled. "I mean, give me a break!" she exclaimed. "The whole thing is just pathetic. Chris needs to learn a little humility."

She also had a spat with choreographer Brian Friedman over dinner and was perceived to be interfering. "Its going to be burnt and awful," she said as she tried to take over the cooking duties. "Surely a little optimism would be helpful in the jungle," replied Friedman. "I'd rather be realistic," she responded curtly.

"Lady C being chef over Brian is a complete and utter disaster. She just gets in the way. He's much quicker on his own," observed Duncan Bannatyne. "I don't understand what's going on but when Brian does it on his own it is much better," added Yvette Fielding.

The former Blue Peter presenter was not having the best night herself. She pulled out of the Ghost Train challenge after being too frightened to continue. Somewhat ironic since these days Fielding is best known as the host of reality TV scare-fest Most Haunted.

Expressing her lack of regret at failing to complete the task that would have won a meal for Lady C she said: "I don't feel any pressure because when I did my challenge Lady Colin didn't come and help and I know because she'll say don't worry about it, it's absolutely fine. Well I hope she will anyway."

Soap star Jorgie Porter also quit the challenge after comlaining that cockroaches were crawling into her g-string.

"The thing I'm really scared about is when insects try and climb inside your holes," she explained. "And that was happening and it freaked me out. I'd rather step out of the carriage than poop a cockroach ... I'm absolutely gutted I didn't win a meal for Susannah because I thought I could do everything and I couldn't."

Meanwhile, three new celebrities have joined the jungle. Vicky Pattison, Ferne Mccann and Made in Chelsea bad-boy Spencer Matthews all descended on camp and were quickly in raptures at lighting a fire.

"He's top sh***er, you're the trouble-maker and I'm the b****" said McCann, promising to heat things up in camp. "When I go, I go. I don't hold back. I feel like I have a massive point to prove. Everyone thinks I'm a b***h and I'm gobby," before admitting "To be fair I am mouthy and gobby but not in a malicious way."

Chelsea lothario Spencer Mathews has said he's up for a jungle romance but claims he's not desperate. "You won't have me frothing at the mouth hoping to get laid," he insisted.

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! continues on ITV.