Roman Kemp has spoken about meeting Princes William and Harry and Kate Middleton in 2017, where he says he saw Harry's playful side during a water fight.

The Capital Radio presenter revealed in the "Extra Camp" episode of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" that he met the British royals during a live radio chat about mental health. After their meeting, he received an invite from Prince Harry to DJ at a children's charity garden party at Buckingham Palace so he went.

Kemp, the son of Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman, recalled that while at the party, the Invictus Games founder approached him and asked him to join in the water fight going on at the gardens. He said he saw Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton already at it with the kids.

"Princess [sic] Kate was there and there was a slingshot in the middle. They've got a bucket filled with water balloons, and they're just pinging off these water balloons into the crowd from a balcony," Kemp told campmates James Haskell and Ian Wright according to The Sun.

It was at this point that Prince Harry told the 26-year-old DJ to aim at his brother. Kemp revealed that the cheeky royal told him to "aim a bit to the left" and when he asked who he is aiming for, Prince Harry replied "my brother." Kemp did not do as he was told for fear that he would be "done for treason."

Prince Harry has been known to be very playful when it comes to his brother. He once joined a "Fun Run" in Brazil while wearing a mask printed with Prince William's face.

#AmericansvsBritish Royal Family Prince Harry disguising himself by wearing a Prince William mask #WelcomeToBritain

— Megan (@xMeganKatiex) January 3, 2014

Likewise, former palace chef Carolyn Robb revealed that Prince Harry was the mischievous and naughty one compared to his brother. When they were little, he would hide from nannies in kitchen cupboards.

Times have changed and the brothers have since gone on separate paths. Aside from their royal duties, Prince Harry and Prince William have been kept busy with looking after their respective families. The Duke of Sussex is now a dad and a married man, and the Duke of Cambridge is a father to three kids. They may not be that close anymore as they were before, but Prince Harry said that they will always take care of each other no matter what happens.

Kate Middleton, Prince William
19 December 2016: Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry stand ready to give an award during a visit to The Mix, London Alastair Grant/Reuters