A man in Massachusetts, US, is facing charges of murder and assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly attacked and killed his girlfriend and stabbed his parents. Benjamin Walsh was taken into custody and underwent a psychological evaluation after he was seen attacking his parents at a restaurant, just hours after murdering his girlfriend Olivia Bergstrom.

MassLive reported that on 11 February, the 24-year-old was allegedly seen walking into an Italian restaurant in Millis where his parents were attending a birthday party. He then stabbed his mother, Laura, and father, Michael, with a large knife before relatives were able to restrain him. According to reports, Walsh was barefoot and his hands were covered in blood.

"I approached and took control of the situation, Walsh was very combative and refusing to be handcuffed," Millis Det. Domenic J Tiberi wrote in his report. "During the struggle with Walsh, I observed his hands to be covered in blood."

While being taken into custody by the police the suspect was being uncooperative and threatened to attack the authorities as well. "F**k you b*****d, I'm going to kill you all," Walsh allegedly shouted to police as he was being restrained.

Michael was released from the hospital but Laura suffered extensive injuries and is still being treated for her condition.

Following the attack at the restaurant, Walsh's brother reportedly told the officers to go and check on Olivia. On visiting the apartment the 20-year-old shared with her boyfriend, they found her body which had been stabbed over two dozen times.

According to the suspect's father, Walsh was suffering from mental problems and had substance abuse issues. "She's, you know, a person he relies a lot on for support, I know she's not a person he would ever want to hurt," Michael told News 25 Boston, claiming his son was "out of his mind".

"I know that when Ben realises what he did last night he will be devastated," he told the news channel.

Walsh was arraigned while in the hospital where he received treatment for a cut on his hand. He has been charged with murder, armed assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest.