A professional carer attacked a 90-year-old grandmother with a hammer, fracturing her skull, during a failed burglary attempt in London. Abosede Adeyinka, 52, has been jailed for 21 years after being found guilty of attempted murder.

The unnamed grandmother was stabbed in the neck during the home invasion but incredibly managed to remove the blade and throw it at her attacker.

Adeyinka had befriended her elderly victim, who she had previously provided private care for, and would often visit her West Drayton home. That friendship was betrayed on 27 April when the younger woman knocked on the door with her face covered.

The pensioner opened it and recognised Adeyinka immediately, despite the disguise, and asked her what she was doing.

Adeyinka pushed her former friend to the floor before ripping her medical alert lanyard from her neck. She the took a hammer out of her handbag and bashed the elderly woman at least twice on the head.

The victim also received a knife injury during the attack – the blade becoming lodged in her neck. Remarkably the elderly woman was able to pulled it out of her flesh and throw it back at her attacker.

Then, thinking quickly, she told Adeyinka that her son was on his way to pick her up. The plan worked, and Adeyinka fled the property.

"This was a vile and disgusting crime on a defenceless grandmother in her own home. There are so many factors that make this a wicked attack, including a victim who was 90 and the level of violence used," said DC James Harbour from Hillingdon CID.

The court heard that traces of the pensioner's blood were found at Adeyinka's home and on her handbag. Adeyinka, from Hayman Crescent, Hayes, was found guilty of attempted murder but cleared of a charge relating to possession of a knife. She was sentenced to 21 years behind bars on 2 November.

The courageous victim not only fought back against her attacker and outsmarted her, she also made a full recovery from the neck wound and fractured skull. She even attended Blackfriars Court in person to testify.

Harbour said: "In view of the age of the victim and brutality of the attack I am truly thankful that the victim has been able to recover.

"It is a credit to her that she was able to attend the trial in person and tell the court what had happened to her. I wish to pay tribute to her courage, resolve and integrity; a stark contrast to the behaviour of the defendant, who is now facing a lengthy term in prison."

Blackfriars Crown Court Serco murder
Adeyinka was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court Wikimedia