A video published on YouTube reveals the terrifying moment a women was set alight while fire walking in India. The video shows a number of people running across the flames before one of them suddenly falls and catches fire.

The woman attempts to get to her feet but falls back down as a group of people rush to drag her out of the fire. She is then seen being led away by the group, looking visibly distressed after the incident. However, despite what happened to her, others continue to walk across the fire pit in the background.

The video was uploaded by Global News, with the caption indicating that the woman did not suffer any serious injuries. It is unclear where in India the incident took place.

Fire walking has been practised by people in countries all over the world and is particularly popular in southern India. The oldest recording of a fire walk is more than 4,000 years ago in India, when two Brahmin priests engaged in a competition to see who could walk further. The practice is particularly popular among religious Hindu devotees, who believe that only those who lack faith would be burnt.