An Indian astrologer has predicted how women can be sexually abused based on their zodiac signs.

Sachchidananda Babu, a Bangalore based astrologer, predicted on a news channel how zodiac signs can determine the pattern of sexual abuse for a woman, reports Deccan Chronicle. He also explained how, at what age and location a woman might get molested.

Indian astrologer Sachchidananda Babu

According to his prediction, "an Aries woman may be sexually assaulted in the bathroom. Women with Capricorn as their zodiac sign may be sexually assaulted by a father, mother or colleague. Sagittarius women may be sexually assaulted between 60 and 64 years. Those with Cancer as their zodiac sign may be sexually assaulted between 40 and 43 years, in any big office.

Aquarian women may be raped by the brothers of the husband while those with Scorpio as their zodiac sign may be raped by none other than friends of the husband under the influence of the husband himself."

The astrologer also provided a solution for women to protect themselves from this situation. He suggested a 'mantra' that the women could chant at "the threat of rape".

In response to Babu's show, an activist launched a Facebook page opposing the astrologer's predictions and demanded an anti-superstitious beliefs Act, saying that such predictions may send wrong signals to society.

The astrologer lodged an official police complaint against the activist.