A man got stuck between the legs of an elephant statue while performing a ritual at a temple in India.

The bizarre incident came to light after a video went viral on Twitter. It has managed to get over a million views and hundreds of likes and comments. The location of the temple is still unknown.

The 36-second-long video was shared by a user called Nitin. It shows the man trying to wriggle his way out as onlookers are instructing him to use certain techniques. "Any kind of excessive bhakti is injurious to health," read the caption to the post.

"Tuck in your tummy," a man could be heard saying in the video, while another could be heard suggesting that he moves his midriff a bit.

As the video progresses, the priest of the temple also tries to help the man, but to no avail. It is not clear if the man finally managed to come out from under the statue.

The incident managed to trigger an array of reactions, with some expressing concern for the man while others found it amusing. One user said that the man's ordeal was proof that he was a "sinner."

Another person claimed that the video was from Madhya Pradesh's Narmada Mandir and said: "Locals say that if you're paapi (sinner) then you'll be stuck. Now that is their belief which should not be mocked. If you believe in something, that is fine. But don't mock others."

"There should be a board mentioning MAX Waist Size," commented another.

In 2019, a similar video had gone viral on the internet wherein a woman could be seen trying to wriggle out from under the statue, according to a report in NDTV.

However, the woman was all smiles and even posed for pictures before she finally managed to extricate herself. She managed to escape uninjured after a brief struggle.

Elephant Sculpture
Elephant Sculpture at Vishwanath Temple,Khajuraho India. Photo/ Rajenver, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons