Mason Mount celebrates his second goal for Chelsea against Aston Villa
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An Instagram influencer named Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, has pleaded guilty to stalking and harassing Premier League footballers including Chelsea teammates Mason Mount, 24, and Ben Chilwell, 26, as well as Brighton player Billy Gilmour, 21.

Sloan is now popularly known by the nickname "Devil Baby" after she gave herself the moniker while threatening Mount after he stopped responding to her messages. She revealed during a trial at Westminster Magistrates' Court that she first met Chilwell through social media.

She had been chatting with Chilwell over the popular social media platform where she has close to 85 thousand followers. He later invited her to a party that he was hosting at his house, where she met several other footballers who were also invited.

According to The Sun, Sloan slept with Mount once after their initial meeting at the party, but it is unclear if the sexual encounter happened on that same night. The pair stayed in touch "sporadically" over a span of six months since they first met, but he eventually cut things off.

This did not go down well with Sloan, who then proceeded to bombard Mount with calls and text messages. Mount made it clear that he no longer wanted to communicate and blocked her. However, the woman changed her number 21 times and kept on trying to get through to Mount.

She even told the footballer that she was no longer buying food so that she could afford getting multiple numbers. On one instance, she even sent him a screenshot of a £12.99 bill from her phone service provider.

Mount revealed that he was under the impression that she was capable of showing up at the Chelsea training centre to harass him even if he successfully blocks her from contacting him via mobile. At one point, she branded herself "Devil Baby," after demanding an apology from the footballer.

After being unable to contact Mount, Sloan then decided to turn her attention to Gilmour and Chilwell. However, the messages sent were all meant to ultimately get to Mount. She even went as far as creating an Instagram account with the handle @DevilBaby_10, which was focused entirely on harassing Chilwell. She tagged the Chelsea player's friends and family in photo collages of him with other women.

Gilmour, who has since moved to Brighton in September 2022, continued to be harassed by Sloan even after leaving Chelsea. His new club even had to got involved in helping him with security after he revealed his ordeal with the obsessed stalker. He even disconnected from his own friends and family on social media in order to prevent Sloan from identifying and eventually contacting them as well.

He claims that the stalking and harassment has caused him to lose sleep and has affected his performance on the pitch. Things were made worse by the fact that he left his comfort zone after the transfer to move to a new town where he did not yet have a solid support system.

While in court earlier this week, she pleaded guilty to one count of harassment without violence and two of stalking. She admitted stalking Mount from June 19, 2022 to October 28. Then, after her unsuccessful attempts to contact Mount, she proceeded to harass Gilmour from September 10 to October 28, 2022.

As for Chilwell, he suffered harassment without violence only from October 20 to 29, 2022.

Sloan will be sentenced on June 20, 2023, and it remains to be seen what the courts will do to prevent her from contacting the footballers again. According to her Instagram page, she is an ambassador for US-based online retail store Fashion Nova.

She has gained a steady following through her revealing posts posing in barely-there outfits from exotic locations around the globe. She also has a strong presence on TikTok.