• Pathologist's assistant Nicole Angemi runs the @mrs_angemi Instagram account.
  • She uploads controversial pictures badly deformed dead bodies and fetuses.

A controversial Instagram star has gained an incredible 1.4M MILLIONfollowers by uploading photographs of dead people, some of them from the autopsy rooms where she works.

Pathologist's assistant Nicole Angemi has a passion for the human body, which she shares with the world on her @mrs_angemi Instagram account.

A quick glance at her account reveals that it's not for the faint-hearted: pictures of severed fingers sit next to others of opened heads, grotesquely swollen limbs and even dead fetusus.

It's little wonder that lawyers are concerned about whether her posts cross the line into an invasion of privacy.

ABC reports that Instagram has closed Angemis's account down on four occasions, but the anatomical enthusiast has not given up doing what she loves.

The mother does not just upload the gruesome pics for her own amusement. Each item is accompanied with a detailed discussion of the medical condition that has led to the abnormality.

She even plays games with her impressively sized audience, posting pictures of dead people and asking others to guess the "mystery diagnosis".

Her New Jersey home is bristling with jars of body parts and she doesn't plan to stop sharing her obsession with the internet anytime soon. And the internet can't get enough.

She said: "I remember when I hit 10,000 followers, I thought that was huge," said Angemi. "I kind of jokingly said to my husband, 'I'll hit 100,000 followers one day. Watch!' That's my goal."